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Don’t call me Cave Man

As opening night for the documentary on Norway’s ‘Snow Cave Man’ draws near, the media focus on 60-year-old Sverre Nøkling continues to grow. Now tabloid VG can reveal that Sverre would like it if the press (particularly VG no doubt) would drop all this Cave Man stuff.

He would much prefer to be called an ‘outdoorsman’.

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Just testing

Yes, I am going to try and resume extreme regularity by trying the short and often technique, but the title is also for the update to the Snow Cave Man (as opposed to Snow Caveman) story I reported not so long ago.

Norway’s reclusive man of the mountains has finally been getting some coverage in connection with a documentary film about him, and he offered a one week ‘holiday’ in one of his handmade snow caves for the sum of one Norwegian krone, in order to stimulate interest in trying out his ascetic lifestyle. His offer has been taken up, but not in full-blooded fashion.

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