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Not feeling very Olympic

I have a confession to make. I’ve been living in Norway, the most successful country in Winter Olympic history, for ages now but I have never, ever been able to get into these sports. Of course the hysteria about the games has monopolized headlines, both sports and news, and pushed almost everything else off the agenda for a while. And now things have got even worse.

Anette Sagen - (Photo - Manuguf)

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Caveman rights to Supreme Court

Yes, you read that right. A character known as the Caveman will have an appeal heard in Norway’s Supreme Court. And like any self-respecting caveman, the 56-year-old, who appears only to go by the name ‘Caveman’, at least in press records, is fighting for his right to be filthy. This is not a pretty story.

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Scary food

Food accidents are always popular when looking for a news story that reels ’em in while skirting on the boundaries of ‘good taste’. Because food accidents hit hard, in the gut. My general impression is that the quality of food products in Norway is quite high; eggs can be eaten raw without fear, and raw materials should be fresh and clean.

OK, there was a very big e-coli scare in the meat industry a few years ago, and the focus on food hygeiene did turn up some frights*. But things have been quiet on this front for a while, so confidence is restored. And so these stories about baked teeth and oblong eggs are just freak exceptions. Right?

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Odd jobs

I had never come across a particularly strange winter job before. For some reason, they either seem to be non-seasonal, or common in the summer, when there are plenty of students to be enticed into doing something bizarre. In fact, one of my favorite stories from the old Aftenposten News in English service was precisely this, a look at the weirdest summer job in the country.

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Smoldering controversy

The total destruction of a wooden church in Hønefoss was in the news, and as a quick reader comment testifies, it is almost impossible to report such an event without thinking about Norway’s famed Black Metal scene. In fact, Black Metal and the burning of churches has been in focus again recently, but in – a cultural context.

The link between blazing churches and Black Metal is distinctly Norwegian. Photo: Eric Ortner

The whole story involves one of Norway’s most controversial Black Metal figures in recent years, and recent winner of the ‘Homo of the Year Award’. Continue reading

Reality bites

Moose. The real thing. In Norway, they’re called the King of the Forest. While they may make news for odd reasons, like when getting drunk on fermenting fallen apples in the fall, a close encounter is usually very dramatic. The most common moose and man meeting is an animal versus car collision; in face-to-face meetings their imposing size is awesome.

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Hark? The what?

The Christmas season is about as close as you can get to angel season. Senior rector Øystein Magelssen of Drammen made headlines by deciding to make angels the subject of his Christmas sermon. What made this particularly newsworthy was that the angels he wanted to discuss were the ones favored by Norway’s Princess Märtha Louise.

The 'Norwegian' Lights

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