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Shopping spree

The roots of this blog go back to the fine moose tale. Over the years, you tend to think you have heard them all, as they crash into things, fly through the air and land on things, appear in odd places, scare people, get hit by things, and suffer the worst of luck. It’s always nice to see a new twist. Like a shopping moose.

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Norway in 30 seconds

Sometimes you see a bit of modern local culture, and you think: that is completely absurd. While at the same time realizing that it also sums up almost everything about where you live, and with a sense of humor to boot. This video clip is such a moment.

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Catching up

Normal service will resume when I finally kill off my annual nightmare, tax paperwork.  Accounting/bookkeeping and I get along like vampires and garlic, Superman and kryptonite, and similar fictive cliché comparisons. But that doesn’t make the pain and fear any less real. On the up side, the sun has reappeared, which really is big news here. What a relief.

In the meantime, let’s play a little game. This works better if one steals photographs, but being a stickler for intellectual property, we will have to make do with links. Continue reading

Reality bites

Moose. The real thing. In Norway, they’re called the King of the Forest. While they may make news for odd reasons, like when getting drunk on fermenting fallen apples in the fall, a close encounter is usually very dramatic. The most common moose and man meeting is an animal versus car collision; in face-to-face meetings their imposing size is awesome.

The most recent headline moose tale is not for the faint of heart. The reports in today’s links include video and photo coverage in unusually graphic detail, Continue reading

Back to reality

The past two days have brought delightful but very different stories. Now attention is very firmly focused on efforts to help ease the devastation in Haiti. Local news is very trivial by comparison, but a number of distinctly Norwegian concerns provide some needed contrast.

Several of the stories or themes mentioned here recently have evolved. The weird case of the children’s TV protest Continue reading

The water’s stiff

A day of few surprises, at least so far. Reactions are beginning to come in from abroad about decisions to print the Mohammed cartoons in Norway, and there can be few things more predictable than that. One NRK radio debate – because there has to be a debate – did provide some fresh angles and some comic performance.

*If you can't say anything nice...' Illus: Simona Dumitru

I’m addicted to Norway’s only full-time news radio station, even though it quickly gets repetitive even on a wild day. Continue reading


It’s nearly time to say – Happy New Year! – and a quick embarrassed look around shows that ambitious plans have turned into months of silence. There are no good excuses, but I can try to blame a period of unusually big, real news headlines, starting with the startling decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to US President Barack Obama.

No peace without conflict

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