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On the road – the routine

The plan was to blog about London while in London, but I don’t want to totally neglect this one now that it is up and running. Once a month I make the trip over, to just soak up the city and pursue my fascination with stand-up comedy. Being able to fly over so regularly is possible thanks to Ryanair. They may be the most reviled airline in the world, but – and I say this not to attract attention to this blog – I think they’re fantastic.

Defending that stance will take more instalments, but Continue reading

If I remember correctly

Well, chances are I don’t any more. I was sure that one of the assorted headlines today was a follow-up to something I had blogged about, but I can’t find it here, so I am either having serious memory problems, or need to index things better.

There is a mildly amusing Norwegian TV commercial, for house paint I believe (see memory disclaimer above if you have forgotten), where two men Continue reading

The water’s stiff

A day of few surprises, at least so far. Reactions are beginning to come in from abroad about decisions to print the Mohammed cartoons in Norway, and there can be few things more predictable than that. One NRK radio debate – because there has to be a debate – did provide some fresh angles and some comic performance.

*If you can't say anything nice...' Illus: Simona Dumitru

I’m addicted to Norway’s only full-time news radio station, even though it quickly gets repetitive even on a wild day. Continue reading

Winter wonderland

Norway’s best-selling daily newspaper, the tabloid VG, provided much cold-related amusement today. First, they had a panel of experts online fielding reader questions about coping with the widest assortment of freezing weather problems imaginable. Then they had one of the most ridiculous articles plus poll I have seen in ages.

As temperatures continue to supply baffled readers with worries about how to handle -20C, -30C and -40C chills, the weather got so cold in Røros, Continue reading

Throw another couch on the fire

Since Norway is expecting a month-long cold snap, now is a good time to scan the freezing headlines. While snowfall has not been spectacular this winter, the chill has been, and few things are as fascinating as watching boiling water freeze before it hits the ground.

Seriously cold. Photo: Dave Dyet

Before having a look at how to entertain yourself when the thermometer drops below the -40C mark, Continue reading