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A (weird) taste of home

Sitting in my hotel room channel surfing for some background noise while I catch up on e-duties this afternoon, I stumbled upon a surprising bit of vintage entertainment. The 1942 film The Day Will Dawn, which IMDB neatly classifies as a ‘British WW2 flag-waver’, where posh journalist of sorts Colin Metcalfe grapples with the Germans – in Norway.

Amusing to see how Norway and the Norwegians are portrayed, Continue reading


Celebrity update

A quick visit with some of the familiar faces in the Norwegian news; Eurovision Song Contest winner Alexander Rybak, Princess Märtha Louise, and expensive Brazilian footballer Denilson, all of whom have featured in this blog.

Happy fiddler Rybak. (Photo: Ernst Vikne

Belarus born fiddler Alexander Rybak hasn’t been in headlines too much lately, but he did take part in the Nobel Peace Prize concert and associated dinner, which resulted in an extremely cute photo opportunity. Continue reading

When the going gets weird

A bumper headline sampler from today’s web media here is decidedly surreal. Inept teen thieves, parents up in arms about toddler TV programming changes, a footballing icon considering a career move to Norway, and some serious X-Files type action in an island community in Hordaland County.

Although there must have been a terrific temptation to work in either Satanists, UFOs or chupacabras into the story, Continue reading

More moose in sports

Blogging does tend to be a lonely activity, so using a combination of analytical software tools and curiosity is very natural to seek an answer – when do people drop by to read this, and why? Apparently I nearly found out by accident when scribbling about moose in rally racing; there is a moose-sports angle. According to my little traffic tools here, people have been dropping by trying to find out about moose hitting football players. Moose hitting footballers? Continue reading

Dealing with attention

While I have been away in London some of the major stories have matured a bit. For updates on the swine flu in Norway, and the battle between the government and business tycoon Kjell Inge Røkke, do visit Nina Berglund’s Views and News from Norway, for the closest thing to Aftenposten’s former News in English service.

On Tuesday Norway was examining itself after winning the election Continue reading

Bumper edition

It has been a very eventful week for little Norway. I have spent half of it in London, and just hours after arriving I got to experience one of the big stories from outside the country, as referee Tom Henning Øvrebø gained international notoriety for Continue reading