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Norway’s biggest ‘paranormal’ mystery

Over the past few days I have written about the meteorite hunt that managed to ensnare both crop circle and UFO experts during its development. I also mentioned the excellent work being done to identify all sorts of ‘baffling’ phenomena being done by Clas Svahn, who brings an immense amount of credibility to UFO Sweden, which is not an easy task.

In this brief Sunday night update, I thought I should mention Norway’s most famous and enduring mystery, though this one as well may be on the verge of a fascinating solution, Continue reading

Solving the ice rings – part three of the hunt for a Norwegian meteorite

After learning that the odd formations on the small lake near Bergen reminded a man of science of crop circles, newspaper Bergens Tidende made the obvious logical leap from a sales point of view, and immediately contacted one of Norway’s leading figures in crop circle … circles.

Eva Marie Brekkestø had a book being published a few days later, called Crop circles – Miracle of the field, and there she has written about mysterious patterns appearing on frozen ponds and lakes as well as in more familiar settings.

“We know of other fantastic examples Continue reading

Ice mystery

Our story continues.

When trying to identify this odd pattern in Norway’s winter ice, for some reason the first two suspects were meteorite fragments and crop circles. Tabloid journalism aside, this was only slightly silly – a meteorite had likely fallen and scattered across Norway. What followed, no matter the extent of your skeptical nature, is a good exercise in Fortean studies, one of my favorite topics.

Yesterday’s post covered Continue reading