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Recycled cucumbers

Back after my annual week-long summer break with no technology. Now, sunburnt, I can resume my deskbound, keyboard pounding ways.

As recent posts indicate, Norway’s silly news season (cucumber news) is in full swing, and today not only provides a great example of the state of the national newspapers, it also marks the last time I use my hard-earned kroner on one for the foreseeable future.

While I may debate and lament the state of old media, Continue reading

Yogurt, milk and moose

Alternatively, this could be titled – Why the Moose? – A brief history of how people learned about the service formerly known as Aftenposten’s News in English.

In the early days of the service – or to be bitterly honest, throughout virtually its entire lifetime  – there was nothing resembling promotion from the powers that were.

In its first incarnation, NiE had been highly profitable, Continue reading