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Powder keg

Norway’s reputation for peace brokering and insistence on dialogue is probably responsible for the relatively free ride it has enjoyed whenever indulging in a bit of Mohammed cartoonery, certainly by comparison with neighbor Denmark who started it all. But now a sudden urge to flex the freedom of speech muscles may change all that.

Norway’s flag was ablaze Continue reading

Norway’s high-energy beam from hell

The weather. Reliable ingredient for your conversational starter, and when it’s been unusual, like it has this winter, then it also qualifies as reliable news fodder. But some days it is the stuff of conspiratorial global catastrophe. Today is one of those days.

I’m not a regular reader of the Pakistan Daily, but maybe that will change, because they seem to be keeping an eye on Norway. Their January 8th headline – Norway Time Hole ‘Leak’ Plunges Northern Hemisphere Into ChaosContinue reading