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Shopping spree

The roots of this blog go back to the fine moose tale. Over the years, you tend to think you have heard them all, as they crash into things, fly through the air and land on things, appear in odd places, scare people, get hit by things, and suffer the worst of luck. It’s always nice to see a new twist. Like a shopping moose.

The best moose tale of the summer so far Continue reading


Return of the cod monsters

Not only was the last report of hideous mutant cyclop cod a follow-up to an earlier news story in the Norwegian press, the subject of deformed farmed fish runs deeper. Even though some of my work means keeping an eye on the aquaculture industry here, it isn’t easy to stay on top of stories like this – they don’t often make it to top headline status, and the cod farming sector is minuscule compared to the salmon.

Now it seems the problem is known in the Trondheimsfjord as well as in the far north. Continue reading

Cartoon storm brewing

The Mohammed caricature\cartoons are causing trouble again, and this one is turning into a highly complex scenario, with all sorts of room for conspiracy theories and spiraling fury. At the moment a major demonstration is planned, and this will likely be a pivotal event, as it has the potential to be a show of widespread support for Muslims offended by this kind of chronic provocation, or it could turn into a real mess. The web sites of Dagbladet and leading tabloid VG were brought down by ‘hackers’ last night, though it is not clear yet Continue reading

The water’s stiff

A day of few surprises, at least so far. Reactions are beginning to come in from abroad about decisions to print the Mohammed cartoons in Norway, and there can be few things more predictable than that. One NRK radio debate – because there has to be a debate – did provide some fresh angles and some comic performance.

*If you can't say anything nice...' Illus: Simona Dumitru

I’m addicted to Norway’s only full-time news radio station, even though it quickly gets repetitive even on a wild day. Continue reading

When the going gets weird

A bumper headline sampler from today’s web media here is decidedly surreal. Inept teen thieves, parents up in arms about toddler TV programming changes, a footballing icon considering a career move to Norway, and some serious X-Files type action in an island community in Hordaland County.

Although there must have been a terrific temptation to work in either Satanists, UFOs or chupacabras into the story, Continue reading

Iran from Norway

Will the aftermath of the Iran elections be the defining event for social media tools like Twitter? How do old and new media manage to provide coverage of chaotic breaking news? And how does a place like Norway, with a tech-savvy populace and presumably media, juggle coverage from afar, when there are virtually no journalists allowed on the ground?

I’m writing this in real time, with Norway’s leading news sites open in front of me, various Twitter tools trying to tackle the stream of tweets related to the Iran election, while flicking between various TV news stations and watching major international news sites. How are they doing? Continue reading

More moose in sports

Blogging does tend to be a lonely activity, so using a combination of analytical software tools and curiosity is very natural to seek an answer – when do people drop by to read this, and why? Apparently I nearly found out by accident when scribbling about moose in rally racing; there is a moose-sports angle. According to my little traffic tools here, people have been dropping by trying to find out about moose hitting football players. Moose hitting footballers? Continue reading