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The dangers of sudden summer

Well, Iceland’s volcano is now supposedly running out of gas, so we can optimistically hope for a return to normal life. Not only has it been monopolizing headlines, but little Eyafjelljökull was threatening to continue muddling my travel plans for the unforeseeable future. Just two days ago researchers were talking about how flights here could Continue reading


I am feeling very Iditarod today

The Jamaican bobsledding team made a grand story. But this is an even more extreme example. It’s not Olympic, it is the kind of gruelling challenge that must boil down to a profound curiosity about how far you can push yourself, and about the basic question of survival. Newton Marshall is part of the Jamaican Dogsled Team.

A frosty-lashed Newton Marshall before the start of the 2009 Yukon Quest.
Photo: http://www.jamaicadogsled.com

When I saw this feature story in tabloid VG’s online edition, Continue reading

If I remember correctly

Well, chances are I don’t any more. I was sure that one of the assorted headlines today was a follow-up to something I had blogged about, but I can’t find it here, so I am either having serious memory problems, or need to index things better.

There is a mildly amusing Norwegian TV commercial, for house paint I believe (see memory disclaimer above if you have forgotten), where two men Continue reading

Something old, something new

Or to put it into the context of today’s headlines, the weather and market prices of modern media. The weather will always be the fallback subject for small talk, and if it isn’t global warming, then it’s freezing for some reason.

Of course things have gotten strange when cold winters are a big story in Norway. Continue reading