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The U53 bug?

It’s New Year’s Eve! And even more incredibly, an entire decade of the new millennium seems to have sneaked past. At times like these, we just can’t help getting caught up in numbers, and date related numbers are already causing trouble in Norway.

A few days ago the U53 bug struck, or perhaps that should be W53 in English. Continue reading

Four more years

The latest national elections resulted in another term for Norway’s so-called ‘red-green’ coalition, a three-party alliance led by the hugely dominant Labour Party, with their partners the Socialist Left Party (SV) and the agrarian Center Party, providing the extra ballast needed to hold a parliamentary majority.

Nearly ten years ago, if memory serves, I was asked to write a special edition type of news brochure about the Norwegian political system and elections, part of a test project Continue reading

Excuses, excuses

Just when I thought I was ready to show some disciplined blogging, I neglect them again. Starting two blogs was asking for trouble. I will write yet another entry here that apparently forces me to follow up quickly, and see if it works now.

The only real explanation is a lack of aforementioned discipline, but instead I will indulge in a range of excuses. This is after all an election year, and soon, thankfully, we will be put out of our misery and a vote will take place. Anything to put an end to months of evasion, excuses, lying and bickering. Norwegian politics never used to be like this, it has clearly learned from more experienced countries – this is not just my opinion, but one based on a rigorous sampling of friends and neighbors. Continue reading

National Pride

May the 17th is Constitution Day, Norway’s National Day – not quite Independence Day, but close enough in spirit. The traditional ingredients include the ‘Russ’, reveling teenagers celebrating their impending graduation by jeopardizing their final exams with weeks of uninterrupted binge drinking in customized buses that are really mobile ‘ghetto blasters’; parades of schoolchildren marching past waving royals; and ice cream and hot dogs in quantities designed to incapacitate young and old.

But this year, the stroke of midnight ushered the occasion in under unusually nationalist circumstances. Continue reading

Politics, weapons and sausages

The dominant Labour Party and its leader, PM Jens Stoltenberg, took a break from the recent daily routine of financial scandal-wrestling and staged its annual party conference, in Oslo.

The PM’s fairly single-minded focus on ’employment for everyone’ got the party faithful to offer up regular, polite, standing ovations, but even the neutral coverage had to admit Continue reading