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Return of the cod monsters

Not only was the last report of hideous mutant cyclop cod a follow-up to an earlier news story in the Norwegian press, the subject of deformed farmed fish runs deeper. Even though some of my work means keeping an eye on the aquaculture industry here, it isn’t easy to stay on top of stories like this – they don’t often make it to top headline status, and the cod farming sector is minuscule compared to the salmon.

Now it seems the problem is known in the Trondheimsfjord as well as in the far north. Continue reading

Monster cod

There have been few times I have been so tempted to just defy copyright and go steal a photo for inclusion here, because this story, if not useless without pics, is certainly much better with. Because this cod is like something out a Simpsons Springfield nightmare. Please visit this link – and then we can continue.

OK? Take a deep breath, and lets learn more.

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