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Easter memories

On the subject of the extended Norwegian Easter hols, a couple of today’s news headlines brought back my own nightmare version of a traditional Easter ‘break’, and reinforces my preference for being one of the quiet celebration at home segment.

Not quite murder and skiing, but medical mayhem. And skiing in my case, though not the headlines.

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Hard facts

It suddenly occurred to me that Norway is not all sunshine and MURDER during the Easter holiday. It also occurred to me that it isn’t easy to even get the basics of the Easter holiday across here – it is huge, with kids having the next week completely free from school and the nation knocking off from ‘Maundy Thursday’ through Easter Monday, a guaranteed five day break that most people add to by taking most or all of this coming week off as well.

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That time of year

Norwegians love a good holiday, and Easter is a classic. Since the school break is quite long, families tend to take a few extra days off and make a real occasion of it. The timing is usually appropriate weather-wise, and the traditional approach is to pack the skis, head to a mountain cabin, and have an outdoorsy week of simple pleasures; sun, snow, exercise. A roaring fireplace.

Easter in Norway. (Photo: MRTN/Creative Commons)

And plenty of murder.

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I’m in London at the moment, which makes it clearer to me that spring has arrived, or at least should have. Back home in Norway, it was still sub-freezing, but there have been warmer days, but the change of season doesn’t quite sink in until the warmth has managed to dispel the snow.

Still, there are signs that the winter is ending, and after a hard one, the change can be slightly traumatic. This means avalanche watch has been in effect across much of Norway, Continue reading

It isn’t easy being Norwegian

I’m not a big fan of financial or business news in general, which I’m sure has been a factor in terms of minimizing career earnings. Luckily, life balances this out by providing such types with a bohemian streak that finds satisfactions in simpler pleasures.

Norwegian Air Shuttle aloft

But sometimes business news can be fun. Take the incredible streak being enjoyed, so to speak, by airline Norwegian, or Norwegian Air Shuttle (NAS) to use their official name. An upstart budget airline, Norwegian has grown steadily and is doing better than its competitor SAS, which remains unwieldy thanks to the remnants of its monopolistic roots.

Norwegian has been making news headlines that make business writing look like comedy pilots. Continue reading

Norway’s biggest ‘paranormal’ mystery

Over the past few days I have written about the meteorite hunt that managed to ensnare both crop circle and UFO experts during its development. I also mentioned the excellent work being done to identify all sorts of ‘baffling’ phenomena being done by Clas Svahn, who brings an immense amount of credibility to UFO Sweden, which is not an easy task.

In this brief Sunday night update, I thought I should mention Norway’s most famous and enduring mystery, though this one as well may be on the verge of a fascinating solution, Continue reading

Solving the ice rings – part three of the hunt for a Norwegian meteorite

After learning that the odd formations on the small lake near Bergen reminded a man of science of crop circles, newspaper Bergens Tidende made the obvious logical leap from a sales point of view, and immediately contacted one of Norway’s leading figures in crop circle … circles.

Eva Marie Brekkestø had a book being published a few days later, called Crop circles – Miracle of the field, and there she has written about mysterious patterns appearing on frozen ponds and lakes as well as in more familiar settings.

“We know of other fantastic examples Continue reading