A test page, as a place to put personal, non-Norway or media rambling. A more blog-like blog in other words, as opposed to a blog with an apparent theme or purpose.

Nothing new:
The latest poke around to try and understand who might be reading this (and how more might), revealed that the name of this blog is not original, though the pedigree is good. According to Wikipedia, a second season episode of the classic cartoon Rocky and Bullwinkle bore the title: ‘Bullwinkle Goes to Press or All the Moose That’s Fit to Print’.


11 responses to “Me

  1. Jon, you’ve picked a very good weekend to come to London! Please consider whether this would be sufficiently to your taste to be worth checking out. I’m amused to remember that the first MSO was held there and just a dozen years later it’s hosting something less competitive and rather more just-for-fun.

    • Jonathan Tisdall

      Thanks for this – I had heard of it but hadn’t realized exactly what it was. I may go down and have a look, I usually do have a wander along the South Bank when I’m here.

  2. Hi Jonathan, enjoy your site, I have a friend in Norway (Vuku) who employs periodically on Jan Mayen so I enjoy things Norwegian.
    About your Bjorklund article, sad news indeed. I would like to purchase these cheese slicers here in the U.S. since their site doesn’t seem to enable purchases. Do you have any ideas?

    thanks, Becky

    • Jonathan Tisdall

      Hi Becky, it’s always a pleasure, and a surprise to hear from a satisfied reader. Makes me realize I should apologize and write a bit more, especially when things have been happening on a major scale here.

      As to getting hold of cheese slicers, this shouldn’t be hard – but it isn’t easy. Norwegian shops online are completely inward thinking, and rarely have any info in English or procedures for export. Still, they all speak English and would certainly answer an email and try to help you out. The list of Bjørklund retailers is one place to start, under Links/Finished products if that hyperlink doesn’t work. You could also try searching here: – there are sure to be retailers in the US, and my bet would be Scandinavian shops in Minnesota.

      Hope that helps!

  3. Sorry about not discovering your blogging effort till now. But you should do it more frequently. These pages oozes of quality, like they did in NiE Aftenposten. Your old collegue. Miss You and Nina a lot. Kurt.

    • Jonathan Tisdall

      Thanks for the kind words Kurt! Life is much duller without you in the office too!

    • Point taken, Kurt…. and no hard feelings on behalf of any other former NiEs.
      Blog is great, JT. Now I can keep up with the news on NB’s wonderful NiE, and then log on here to enjoy your always interesting take on life. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hi Jonathan
    Very good blog you’ve got there, looking forward to reading more. Like you I am a journalist who moved to Norway from the UK (2 years ago) and I now live in Fredrikstad, Østfold. I blog about Østfold, as there is very little info currently available on the net (in English) about this region. A shame, as it has much to offer! Check out for more if this is of interest.
    All the best

    • Jonathan Tisdall

      Hi Marie, and welcome. I mentioned your blog here recently, and linked to it! Didn’t I? Pretty scatterbrained lately, but I am quite sure I did.

  5. You most certainly did Jonathan, but I hadn’t spotted that the other day. Many thanks, much appreciated. I’ll try to return the favour soon 🙂

  6. Hi,
    Great site, interesting articles and well written.
    I started a website and forum a few years ago after moving to Norway from Scotland. The site was and was an information/community site for Brits (or English speakers) living in Norway – I’d like to start it up again but I need volunteers to contribute content. Anyone interested in joining the team?

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