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The U53 bug?

It’s New Year’s Eve! And even more incredibly, an entire decade of the new millennium seems to have sneaked past. At times like these, we just can’t help getting caught up in numbers, and date related numbers are already causing trouble in Norway.

A few days ago the U53 bug struck, or perhaps that should be W53 in English. Continue reading

You are what you eat

In order to understand bits of this blog fully, you have to have a sense of daily life in Norway. And there are few ways to get a real feel for a culture than to eat their food. And I have mentioned before, not only is Norway renowned for its most frightening dishes, Norwegians revel in trumping their wobbling jelly-like lutefisk with a grinning smoked sheep’s head.

But dishes like those Continue reading

And the winner is …

Norway hasn’t just been named the best place to live and the spot with the best place to visit. The country has also topped the European chart in a surprising category, the nation with the greatest … amount of confiscated amphetamine.


Spells police

Norwegian police have noted two alarming statistics in recent years Continue reading

Hark? The what?

The Christmas season is about as close as you can get to angel season. Senior rector Øystein Magelssen of Drammen made headlines by deciding to make angels the subject of his Christmas sermon. What made this particularly newsworthy was that the angels he wanted to discuss were the ones favored by Norway’s Princess Märtha Louise.

The 'Norwegian' Lights

The Princess, who has dropped the ‘Royal’ from her title as part of her decision Continue reading

Nice place to live, but –

Reviving a blog at year’s end is the perfect excuse to roll out delayed topics and claim they are part of a typical year in review. Here are a few of the highlights mentioned last time, including various ‘awards’ recognizing Norway’s greatness, as well as the usual glance at its weirdness.

I’m not sure how many times it’s happened, but often enough that it now gets announced in the media as Continue reading


It’s nearly time to say – Happy New Year! – and a quick embarrassed look around shows that ambitious plans have turned into months of silence. There are no good excuses, but I can try to blame a period of unusually big, real news headlines, starting with the startling decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to US President Barack Obama.

No peace without conflict

It’s hard to tell whether this was motivated by a desire Continue reading