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On the road – slight disruption to service

I’ve had an update on this story, the previous post about a really lovely piece of Norwegian design, to give it a bit more depth than just a charming reference and Internet links.

First, my apologies for a slight break in the New Year’s resolution to keep the blogging daily, but a trip to London has taken focus, and part of the plan is to switch over to the ‘London. Laughing.’ blog when I am over here. If I am very good I will try to update both, as regularly as possible. Depends if anyone is paying attention… Continue reading

Something completely different

After days of reasonably bad-tempered news to report, time to relax and just serve up something to enjoy. One of my very favorite places on the ‘net is Boing Boing – link in the collection to the right. This is a daily treasure trove of wonderful and unexpected things that you have to rush to share. One of yesterday’s surprises was Norwegian. Continue reading