Cave holidays

Apologies for the recent silence, I have the usual excuse – off to London for so much input for the other blog that absolutely nothing gets done for a while. Somehow I need to find the time to get a year’s worth of London blogging queued. Strangely, I have met up with more Oslo friends in a few days in London than I tend to at home in a month.

On the real news front, there have been regular developments and flare-ups on the Muslims in Norway front. These have continued to be very interesting yet somewhat predictable, as passions escalate and the media gets stuck in. In a nutshell, what appears to be a undeniably frightening fundamentalist voice has emerged, the young fellow who I earlier reported as warning Norway about its own 9/11 at a major demo.

Since then, he has been a regular feature in the national press, and apparently has since said he supports both the execution of homosexuals and the decapitation of unbelievers. This has resulted in the full spectrum of reactions – thankfully also an immense outcry from the Muslim community and leading Muslim figures – so things have remained in balance. Unsurprisingly, the full spectrum also includes complaints that the hullaballo indicates that Muslims have limited rights of free speech and are ready targets. This free speech thing really doesn’t seem to be an easy grasp.

But for All the Moose purposes, there is one big story that is in danger of being overlooked, and that is emergence of another Norwegian caveman. Readers may remember that Norway’s most well-known caveman has been reduced by ill health and is currently involved in a long running legal battle to get the the Supreme Court to uphold is right not to wash himself, or be washed by force while in care.

The new caveman is more of an arctic hermit, having chosen to live a life of isolation out of a desire to spend his time in contemplation, and to avoid a world of obsession with material things.

Norway’s biggest selling newspaper VG reports that in the summer the recluse lives in the shelter of scree – the accumulation of rock fall – and in the winter he makes snow caves. The snow caves are an important element of the news story.

The ‘Snow Cave Man’, as VG dubs him, is nearly 60, and has been living a life of silent protest for 30 years, using an absolute minimum of money – a freegan. He lives off things thrown out for various reasons, like food just past freshness dates, and occasionally uses a little cash on second hand clothing. His preferred location is between 1300-1500 meters over sea level.

“He sleeps on cardboard boxing that he later uses as fuel,” says Kjæren as an example of the cave-dweller’s ascetic lifestyle.

TV director Fridtjof Kjæreng has been following the man for a few years and has received permission to make a documentary about him. The hermit has dug a series of snow caves around the country says Kjæreng, who met the loner by chance 15 years ago.

According to the report, the caveman travels between his little ‘cabins’ carved out of the snow, getting around on wooden skis. He thrives in the company of reindeer and other animals, and cuts his hair twice a year.

What gives this unusual story an even odder twist is that the cave man has offered a week’s stay in one of his caves for the sum of NOK 1. Kjæreng has helped get the ad posten online, where it is accompanied by a series of photos.

“The ad is 100 percent serious. He truly wishes to share his experiences of living with nature, and we thought this could be a way of doing it. He is concerned that people use far too much money. The snow cave is a chance for a cheap alternative holiday.”

So now is your chance. The ad will be here for a while.


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