Greetings! Jonathan Tisdall here. Freelance journalist, writer and web content developer. Translator of Scandinavian languages to English due to an unexpectedly long stint in Norway. For roughly nine years one of the editors of Aftenposten’s News in English, a pioneering service that was long unique in the region before it was an early casualty of the cocktail of finance crisis + print media income collapse.

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  1. Jonathan

    Bought your book and have a few others that you are a coauthor. Not much different in Syracuse. Norway seems like an interesting place. My kids visit (on in military really not a visit) Iraq and going easterly from there for various reasons.

    My father’s nickname was Moose; not sure what the connection of the moose to your site.

    Gave up 1.g4 but I did beat Perry Miller with it once. Down hill from there.

    Good luck with the journalist business.

  2. Jonathan Tisdall

    Hi Mike! Long time, good memories. The moose is explained here; https://jtisdall.wordpress.com/2009/03/28/why-moose/

  3. It’s delightful to find your blog through Nina Berglund’s “Views and News.” As a frequent traveler to Norway, still somewhat enmeshed in the Philadelphia Aker Shipyard Norwegian community, I’m enjoying your articles. I especially liked the accounts from Easter.

    I should be over again in the summer, visiting friends in Oslo, Kristiansand, and Kragerø. (By an odd state of affairs, I have two American girlfriends married to Norwegian men, one couple over here and the other finally settling in Norway, after two years of long-distance marriage. The Philly house sale is tomorrow.) Somehow, I have managed to see Norway in October, January, and March, and never at any time warm. Time to change that….

    All the best!

    • Jonathan Tisdall

      Thank you! And I will try to write more regularly.

      Finally settling in Norway seems to me to be inevitable – I am convinced nearly every immigrant here was snared by a Norwegian, and no matter where it happened, sooner or later Norway hauls them in.

  4. Jonathan… been trying to track you down.

    Am looking for some help.

    I am writing in relation to a photograph taken by Arne Naevra, which and whom, you once wrote about at Aftenposten.

    I am helping a year 8 student – Jessica Jowett – produce a one minute television commercial on global warming which will be entered into competition along with all year eight students around Australia as part of their curriculum.

    During our travels we came across a photograph of a polar bear poised on a small iceberg and Jess is so taken with the poignancy of the image that she wants to include it.

    Being a graphic designer, I understand copyright requirements very clearly and so I am trying to contact Mr Naevra to obtain release for the use of his image in this school project.

    I am having no luck obtaining contact information for him so I thought I would approach yourself with the hope you may contact him on my behalf.

    I am not familiar with social websites or twitter or wordpress, so I hope I am not breaking protocol and therefore displaying astounding ignorance by sending this message.

    Thank you for spending the time to read my message.

    Regards Robyn

  5. Thanks Jonathan.

    Have contacted Arne after receiving your message.

    Re the æ, me thinks you are right.
    Do Norwegians know that some a’s and e’s are perpetually in the act of sexual congress? I really do think that modesty should prevail especially for those in the world unfamiliar with the social mores of Norway. Or perhaps I am mistaken and the æ is the love child of a and e?

    Whew! Now I’m all hot and bothered!

    Have a good day.

    Kind Regards


    PS If you ever need help over ‘ere, I’m your person. Thanks again.

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