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I’m in London at the moment, which makes it clearer to me that spring has arrived, or at least should have. Back home in Norway, it was still sub-freezing, but there have been warmer days, but the change of season doesn’t quite sink in until the warmth has managed to dispel the snow.

Still, there are signs that the winter is ending, and after a hard one, the change can be slightly traumatic. This means avalanche watch has been in effect across much of Norway, Continue reading

The nation’s guilty pleasure

It may be Triple Cake Day, as the Norwegian media have been on about – that incredibly rare conjunction of Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Shrovetide Bun Day – but the big occasion in the news is the 30th anniversary of the Grandiosa.

Norwegians may love their cake, but the relationship they have with frozen pizza, and especially their own Grandiosa, is something every immigrant here needs to try and understand. Italians may not consider it food, and according to recent research Continue reading