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Creatures from the deep

It wouldn’t be summer without long, hot days and fishing tales. Of course exaggerated yarns about nearly landed whoppers are familiar fare. To make the news, you should catch a hideous monster accidentally and unexpectedly, and that is precisely what 11-year-old Nathalie Saxegård did.


A dealfish. Ick. (Photo: Sven O Kullander)

The youngster from Fredrikstad was on a fishing trip in scenic Vesterøy in Hvaler, when she spotted something odd in the water, newspaper Fredriksstad Blad’s web site f-b.no reports. Continue reading

Throw another couch on the fire

Since Norway is expecting a month-long cold snap, now is a good time to scan the freezing headlines. While snowfall has not been spectacular this winter, the chill has been, and few things are as fascinating as watching boiling water freeze before it hits the ground.

Seriously cold. Photo: Dave Dyet

Before having a look at how to entertain yourself when the thermometer drops below the -40C mark, Continue reading