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Creatures from the deep

It wouldn’t be summer without long, hot days and fishing tales. Of course exaggerated yarns about nearly landed whoppers are familiar fare. To make the news, you should catch a hideous monster accidentally and unexpectedly, and that is precisely what 11-year-old Nathalie Saxegård did.


A dealfish. Ick. (Photo: Sven O Kullander)

The youngster from Fredrikstad was on a fishing trip in scenic Vesterøy in Hvaler, when she spotted something odd in the water, newspaper Fredriksstad Blad’s web site f-b.no reports. Continue reading

The dangers of sudden summer

Well, Iceland’s volcano is now supposedly running out of gas, so we can optimistically hope for a return to normal life. Not only has it been monopolizing headlines, but little Eyafjelljökull was threatening to continue muddling my travel plans for the unforeseeable future. Just two days ago researchers were talking about how flights here could Continue reading

Scary sports

The Norwegian football season has begun, but since it is still early days all the attention is on things that really matter in sport, like the Champions League, whether or not the curling team can wear spectacular yet non-clown trousers, and picking up dog droppings off the artificial turf in Stavanger. No, the really interesting sports news here is in other disciplines.

And by interesting I mean terrifying.

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The slightest excuse

Easter is really a celebration of springtime, and after a lengthy break with the last of the year’s snow in focus, what could be more typically Norwegian than … topless sledding.

OK, so maybe topless sledding isn’t yet the tradition that murder and quizzes are for Easter here, it certainly has potential. And the day before Easter is

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Hey fool

So what kind of shenanigans did the Norwegian media get up to on the 32nd of March? Newspaper VG had the best overview of April Fools Day stories around the country.

Not sure if any are up to the standard set by the classic report that the state alcohol outlet Vinmonopol had such overstock that they were giving away booze – all you had to do was turn up with something to carry it away in, leading to long and eventually embarrassed queues of eager Norwegians bearing buckets and bathtubs.

This year’s crop: Continue reading

Wanted – blazing meteor/ite

There are two things being sought here in Norway, and the meteor/meteorite distinction is not just to keep sticklers for accuracy at bay. A bolide – large blazing and often explosive meteor – was spotted over Scandinavia just over a week ago. Astronomers want to find witnesses, as they strongly suspect the meteorite (the surviving bits that make it to the ground) landed in Norway.

But a straightforward science story rarely makes it to press in this day and age without a few detours through speculative territory, and this one was no exception. No, not the UFO circuit, but … crop circles. But let’s start at the beginning and see if that helps. Continue reading

Don’t call me Cave Man

As opening night for the documentary on Norway’s ‘Snow Cave Man’ draws near, the media focus on 60-year-old Sverre Nøkling continues to grow. Now tabloid VG can reveal that Sverre would like it if the press (particularly VG no doubt) would drop all this Cave Man stuff.

He would much prefer to be called an ‘outdoorsman’.

VG revealed today Continue reading

Just testing

Yes, I am going to try and resume extreme regularity by trying the short and often technique, but the title is also for the update to the Snow Cave Man (as opposed to Snow Caveman) story I reported not so long ago.

Norway’s reclusive man of the mountains has finally been getting some coverage in connection with a documentary film about him, and he offered a one week ‘holiday’ in one of his handmade snow caves for the sum of one Norwegian krone, in order to stimulate interest in trying out his ascetic lifestyle. His offer has been taken up, but not in full-blooded fashion.

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Monster cod

There have been few times I have been so tempted to just defy copyright and go steal a photo for inclusion here, because this story, if not useless without pics, is certainly much better with. Because this cod is like something out a Simpsons Springfield nightmare. Please visit this link – and then we can continue.

OK? Take a deep breath, and lets learn more.

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Cave holidays

Apologies for the recent silence, I have the usual excuse – off to London for so much input for the other blog that absolutely nothing gets done for a while. Somehow I need to find the time to get a year’s worth of London blogging queued. Strangely, I have met up with more Oslo friends in a few days in London than I tend to at home in a month.

On the real news front, there have been regular developments and flare-ups on the Muslims in Norway front. Continue reading