Monthly Archives: April 2009

An ordinary Sunday

Despite being a Sunday, I’ll check in and this time try a real headline sampler, rather than a small assortment of short stories. Not just a strategy for a lazy day, but as mentioned earlier, to pique interest by providing a running menu of what’s happening over here is one possible job for this blog.

It’s also quite an intriguing snapshot of the major news outlets in general, and it might also be fun Continue reading


Politics, weapons and sausages

The dominant Labour Party and its leader, PM Jens Stoltenberg, took a break from the recent daily routine of financial scandal-wrestling and staged its annual party conference, in Oslo.

The PM’s fairly single-minded focus on ’employment for everyone’ got the party faithful to offer up regular, polite, standing ovations, but even the neutral coverage had to admit Continue reading

17 April – a headline sampler

The big news in the region today is without doubt the Pirate Bay verdict in Stockholm.

Here in little Norway the raging feud between the Labour-led majority coalition and business tycoon Kjell Inge Røkke continues to dominate headlines. For insight into this intricate squabble, check out Nina Berglund’s site.

Norway has gotten larger and Continue reading