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Cave holidays

Apologies for the recent silence, I have the usual excuse – off to London for so much input for the other blog that absolutely nothing gets done for a while. Somehow I need to find the time to get a year’s worth of London blogging queued. Strangely, I have met up with more Oslo friends in a few days in London than I tend to at home in a month.

On the real news front, there have been regular developments and flare-ups on the Muslims in Norway front. Continue reading

Caveman rights to Supreme Court

Yes, you read that right. A character known as the Caveman will have an appeal heard in Norway’s Supreme Court. And like any self-respecting caveman, the 56-year-old, who appears only to go by the name ‘Caveman’, at least in press records, is fighting for his right to be filthy. This is not a pretty story.

This is in fact the second time this battle goes Continue reading