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For the faithful

When doing the scary food entry last night, I was so shaken by the thought of daily seal oil supplements, that I forgot to include my cod liver oil update. Tran as it is known here, is the Norwegian elixir of life, as you may know if you’ve been following this blog.

The TV advertising for the omnipresent brand of cod liver oil, Møller’s Tran, consists of variations on a simple theme. Some kind of accident occurs Continue reading

Scary food

Food accidents are always popular when looking for a news story that reels ’em in while skirting on the boundaries of ‘good taste’. Because food accidents hit hard, in the gut. My general impression is that the quality of food products in Norway is quite high; eggs can be eaten raw without fear, and raw materials should be fresh and clean.

OK, there was a very big e-coli scare in the meat industry a few years ago, and the focus on food hygeiene did turn up some frights*. But things have been quiet on this front for a while, so confidence is restored. And so these stories about baked teeth and oblong eggs are just freak exceptions. Right?

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