Just testing

Yes, I am going to try and resume extreme regularity by trying the short and often technique, but the title is also for the update to the Snow Cave Man (as opposed to Snow Caveman) story I reported not so long ago.

Norway’s reclusive man of the mountains has finally been getting some coverage in connection with a documentary film about him, and he offered a one week ‘holiday’ in one of his handmade snow caves for the sum of one Norwegian krone, in order to stimulate interest in trying out his ascetic lifestyle. His offer has been taken up, but not in full-blooded fashion.

Marthe Haualand, 23, tested out the remote life, but only spend about 24 hours on the experiment. She also managed to meet the wandering hermit on her way back to civilization as we know it. The young woman from Rogaland confessed to tabloid VG that she was not much of an outdoors type, but that curiosity got the better of her.

“When I came up the mountain I had to search a bit and dig to find the cave. I found it between two large rocks. It was a bit scary when I looked down into the cave,” Marthe told VG’s web site.

After descending a homemade ladder, she found a camp bed, a little fireplace and candles. The Snow Cave man had departed, and left a sleeping bag for her.

“When I started a fire in the hearth and the snow melted, it made a lot of strange sounds. Then I started to get a bit anxious,” she admits.

But according to Marthe the experience grew on her, and she wished she could have had a longer chat with her ‘landlord’, whom she met on her descent back to Haukeli.

“We are from nearly the same place, so we talked a bit about that and the weather conditions. He was very nice, and very calm. I really wanted to sit down and talk to him. I think I could have learnt a lot from his philosophy and dreams. He seemed wise,” she says.

“Who knows, maybe I’ll move up into the mountain wilds. The Snow Cave Man has just followed his dream, and that is excellent. Not everyone manages that.”

Photos from her visit can be seen in the original article, and a video clip (in Norwegian) about the Snow Cave Man documentary can be seen here.


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