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Much ado

Norway’s remarkable string of big international headlines continued with a major role in the massive publicity around the 47 million year old fossil dubbed ‘Ida‘ by Norwegian paleontologist Jørn Hurum.

With an orchestrated media campaign more typical of the launch of a Dan Brown film than a scientific discovery, the amazingly preserved fossilized skeleton was hailed as one of the missing links in man’s evolutionary chain.

The hype around the discovery even included comparing the find to Continue reading

17 April – a headline sampler

The big news in the region today is without doubt the Pirate Bay verdict in Stockholm.

Here in little Norway the raging feud between the Labour-led majority coalition and business tycoon Kjell Inge Røkke continues to dominate headlines. For insight into this intricate squabble, check out Nina Berglund’s site.

Norway has gotten larger and Continue reading