What I did on my summer vacation

In an inspired move to increase my blog creativity, I decided to start a new one, so I can neglect twice as many sites as before with the same effort. Holiday time doesn’t have to mean free time, and having set off once again for London and the UK, I thought it was also fitting to unveil a London-centric blog, with a strong emphasis on the comedy scene there. So when I am completely neglecting current affairs, odd or otherwise, in Norway, I will be trying to share tips about how to live and laugh in the world’s greatest city, here.

London at night

London at night

There should even be some good summer tales up there ‘soon’.

Although I have been too ‘busy’ to blog about what has been happening in Norway, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been taking notes. One day in particular produced some spectacular examples of the ‘cucumbers’ that the Norwegians call their silly season stories.Leading tabloid VG had a priceless photo story. Unfortunately, career habits formed during the golden age of intellectual property prevents me from ‘borrowing’ the photo for an illustration, no matter how tempting. But the shot from the source rewards a visit.

This example of a levitating car took place at the quay in Kristiansund after a forklift operator began moving massive cargo containers around without noticing someone had parked behind one. The gravity defying rental car managed to avoid dropping into the sea thanks only to being slightly speared by the prongs of the forklift, which you can just see in the photo. The car was eventually rescued by being lifted to safety via a harness fastened to the dangling two-thirds of the vehicle.

On the same day, Aftenbladet.no broke an equally astonishing story and photo, this one with an animal angle. I am even more tempted to nick this picture, but won’t give in to the steal, link and hope no one minds crowd just yet.

This ram was suspended five to six meters in the air, hanging from one horn hooked onto a stabilizing line for a power cable in Helgøysund in Rogaland County. According to the report, the ram got snagged while grazing on a slope on higher ground, and then began to ride the cable towards the electricity poles at lower altitude after frantically trying to shake itself loose. This story also ended happily, after German tourists managed to rope the ram and then drag it back up the slope (see second photo).


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