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The dangers of sudden summer

Well, Iceland’s volcano is now supposedly running out of gas, so we can optimistically hope for a return to normal life. Not only has it been monopolizing headlines, but little Eyafjelljökull was threatening to continue muddling my travel plans for the unforeseeable future. Just two days ago researchers were talking about how flights here could Continue reading


Deadly rivalry

No, not really. But neighbors Sweden and Norway do make each other the butt of jokes so much that a startling number of their children really do believe the other country is mentally impaired. And they do have a prickly rivalry, made worse by upstart Norway becoming so rich and successful.

Where sports are concerned the one-upmanship rapidly reaches ludicrous proportions, but no occasion is too small to consider a poke in the other’s direction.

When I was reading the articles about Norway’s penchant for bloodthirsty literary thrills at Easter, Continue reading

Cartoon storm brewing

The Mohammed caricature\cartoons are causing trouble again, and this one is turning into a highly complex scenario, with all sorts of room for conspiracy theories and spiraling fury. At the moment a major demonstration is planned, and this will likely be a pivotal event, as it has the potential to be a show of widespread support for Muslims offended by this kind of chronic provocation, or it could turn into a real mess. The web sites of Dagbladet and leading tabloid VG were brought down by ‘hackers’ last night, though it is not clear yet Continue reading

More metal tales

After yesterday’s talk of blazing churches and blood-drinking vegetarian Black Metal rockers coming out of the closet, I thought it was only fair to gain a bit of perspective, add some nuance to the stereotype. Norway is, above all, a peaceful and tolerant place.

So I thought I should tell a story about how Black Metal has come to affect my own daily life.

Continue reading

Excuses, excuses

Just when I thought I was ready to show some disciplined blogging, I neglect them again. Starting two blogs was asking for trouble. I will write yet another entry here that apparently forces me to follow up quickly, and see if it works now.

The only real explanation is a lack of aforementioned discipline, but instead I will indulge in a range of excuses. This is after all an election year, and soon, thankfully, we will be put out of our misery and a vote will take place. Anything to put an end to months of evasion, excuses, lying and bickering. Norwegian politics never used to be like this, it has clearly learned from more experienced countries – this is not just my opinion, but one based on a rigorous sampling of friends and neighbors. Continue reading

Speak of the devil

No sooner have I mentioned the intention of tackling the hopefully provocative subject of ‘maddening Norway‘ than a perfect example pops up in the media. Much to my surprise and delight, the latest illustration of the theme came over the radio in the form of NRK’s ‘Morgenkåseri’ – a short bit of morning musing by someone who is supposed to deal with a random topic, preferably with insight and wit.

This morning an immigrant, English I believe, but I have not yet tracked down more info about him, filled the slot with part one of his observations about a long life in Norway. His series shows great promise as the first installment Continue reading

Immigrant blues

I have a long list of topics that are perfect for blogging, related to daily life here and how it may strike or irk the non-Norwegian. They are perfect because they allow for free-form red-faced venting. Because life somewhere else can be extremely frustrating and infuriating, no matter how nice the place is. And I’m not saying that just because this is an election year here, and no one can stay calm for long when politicians are making noise all the time.

I also have some problems with trying to add some easy controversy into my blog. You may have noticed that I said above ‘no matter how nice the place is’. I have a very annoying habit Continue reading