On the road – slight disruption to service

I’ve had an update on this story, the previous post about a really lovely piece of Norwegian design, to give it a bit more depth than just a charming reference and Internet links.

First, my apologies for a slight break in the New Year’s resolution to keep the blogging daily, but a trip to London has taken focus, and part of the plan is to switch over to the ‘London. Laughing.’ blog when I am over here. If I am very good I will try to update both, as regularly as possible. Depends if anyone is paying attention…

Anyway, back to the ‘Daily Shelter’, which I have to admit I wanted as soon as I saw it … for my youngest son, of course. I do hope they are a bit bigger than they look.

I have been in touch with designer Ingrid Brandth, and she says her brother, Torstein Brandth, is ‘the wood expert’, and that he crafts some of the things that she comes up with. The Daily Shelter can be ordered if you contact Ingrid by phone or email via her website www.ingridbrandth.com where you can also view more of her work.

If you haven’t seen the previous post, do have a look at the video or the Daily Shelter in use. I don’t see how you can have a home without one.

Coming soon, a gritty story of the harsh reality of close moose encounters.


3 responses to “On the road – slight disruption to service

  1. No excuses to slack on your blog as tempting as London might be. You’ve got fans in Oslo who look forward to your stories like a fresh cup of morning coffee. Thanks for the posts!

  2. Seconded! 🙂

  3. Jonathan Tisdall

    Uh oh, evidence of enthusiastic readership. Guess I have to do two blogs on the road then…

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