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Outsourcing busts ghosts

In recent days we have seen that ghosts and Norway’s public institutions are not a good match. Either total pandemonium occurs, and associated damage; or someone panics and calls in a psychic to exorcise the place, and the authorities have to make embarrassed explanations about how public funds and effort really do not regularly go into ghostbusting.

How reassuring it is then, to find a story with these familiar ingredients but with a much happier ending. This time the setting is Steinkjer, Continue reading


Ghosts, Norwegian style – part two

We continue the tale of asylum seekers versus local ghost from yesterday’s post, where I noted that the first installment of newspaper Trønder-Avisa’s coverage was really stretching to deliver frights.

First, the newspaper notes that several of the ‘frightening incidents’ took place Continue reading

Ghosts, Norwegian style

Of course the main headlines in the mainstream Norwegian media tend to be the usual mix; breaking news of major events at home and abroad, ludicrous global celebrity tittle-tattle, sport and attention grabbing ‘tabloid’ tales. The stuff I like to examine tends to emerge at the local level.

Like, for example, the recent problems caused by ghosts at public institutions. Continue reading