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Cartoon storm brewing

The Mohammed caricature\cartoons are causing trouble again, and this one is turning into a highly complex scenario, with all sorts of room for conspiracy theories and spiraling fury. At the moment a major demonstration is planned, and this will likely be a pivotal event, as it has the potential to be a show of widespread support for Muslims offended by this kind of chronic provocation, or it could turn into a real mess. The web sites of Dagbladet and leading tabloid VG were brought down by ‘hackers’ last night, though it is not clear yet Continue reading


Something old, something new

Or to put it into the context of today’s headlines, the weather and market prices of modern media. The weather will always be the fallback subject for small talk, and if it isn’t global warming, then it’s freezing for some reason.

Of course things have gotten strange when cold winters are a big story in Norway. Continue reading

Most wanted

Norwegians Google like everyone else, but for things particularly Norwegian, they often Kvasir.  Search engine Kvasir revealed one of the favorite lists for Internet users, the most ‘sought after’ people in Norway. Unsurprisingly, the list is dominated by attractive young women who have gained fame or notoriety in a variety of ways.

Tone Damli Aaberge. Photographer: Ernst Vikne

Pop culture is a quick route to getting to know a place, so this list is a crash course in pop Norway. The winner, Tone Damli Aaberge, Continue reading

It is the heat

Just a quick update, to counterbalance the effects of summer laziness and sweltering heat – Oslo has been hotter than Mumbai in recent days.

News has been thin on the ground lately, the death of Michael Jackson pushing everything off the map. Leading tabloid/Norway’s bestselling newspaper Verdens Gang (VG) had an amazing concentration of stories on their web site; at one point it was difficult to find anything else to read about, Continue reading

Iran from Norway

Will the aftermath of the Iran elections be the defining event for social media tools like Twitter? How do old and new media manage to provide coverage of chaotic breaking news? And how does a place like Norway, with a tech-savvy populace and presumably media, juggle coverage from afar, when there are virtually no journalists allowed on the ground?

I’m writing this in real time, with Norway’s leading news sites open in front of me, various Twitter tools trying to tackle the stream of tweets related to the Iran election, while flicking between various TV news stations and watching major international news sites. How are they doing? Continue reading

Social media

The rapidly shifting media landscape should be a subject of detailed study for anyone linked to traditional communications and trying to make a living thereby. A few interesting things in this context.

First, TED has the always fascinating Clay Shirky in the spotlight these days, posting a recent lecture on the potential impact of Twitter, due to the topicality of the micromessaging service as a tool for protestors in Iran. I can’t help feeling that Shirky is both overly emotional and enthusiastic on the impact of Twitter in Iran, carried away by the swirl of unfolding events.  There are just too many key questions begging answers; how to filter the noise, Continue reading

Yogurt, milk and moose

Alternatively, this could be titled – Why the Moose? – A brief history of how people learned about the service formerly known as Aftenposten’s News in English.

In the early days of the service – or to be bitterly honest, throughout virtually its entire lifetime  – there was nothing resembling promotion from the powers that were.

In its first incarnation, NiE had been highly profitable, Continue reading