Shopping spree

The roots of this blog go back to the fine moose tale. Over the years, you tend to think you have heard them all, as they crash into things, fly through the air and land on things, appear in odd places, scare people, get hit by things, and suffer the worst of luck. It’s always nice to see a new twist. Like a shopping moose.

The best moose tale of the summer so far was a mid-July Kongsvinger visit from a youngster, apparently a year-old calf.

‘I couldn’t believe my own eyes,’ a stunned Nina Haugland told national tabloid Dagbladet after the animal entered a Kiwi brand grocery store – via a florist’s.

“It was a calf that must have been confused by the thunderstorm,” Nina told the newspaper. “It came in through the flower shop door. Maybe he saw the green plants and thought it was the forest,” she said, apparently unimpressed by the animal’s knack for nature cues.

Noting his error, the calf in a flower shop quickly made way to the grocery next door, smashing as much as possible in its path. Haugland reported that the moose  vaulted the entrance port to the Kiwi shop, and laid waste to both the grocery and an adjacent cafeteria.

“I didn’t see that it had come in at first. But then people started to scream, and there was quite an uproar, so I had to go and find out what was going on,” Nina said calmly, and she pulled out her mobile phone and started filming.

She said that it was funny looking back on it now, and since no one was hurt. But she added that she had seen similar things on TV before – so perhaps moose shopping trips are not as rare as I thought.

Video footage of the event can be seen on Dagbladet’s web site.

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