Norway in 30 seconds

Sometimes you see a bit of modern local culture, and you think: that is completely absurd. While at the same time realizing that it also sums up almost everything about where you live, and with a sense of humor to boot. This video clip is such a moment.

These are all the things about Norway this little commercial says to me;

First, it’s a green-thinking environmentally concerned place, and it will make commercials with Norwegian rappers to get that message across, presumably to the youngsters, even though I would hope they are more aware than the rest of the population. But you never know, this is an oil country, and the younger generation has it way too easy, and now that you mention it, everyone has far too much money. Have you seen what things cost here? Wouldn’t surprise me if no one had the time or inclination to worry about the environment.

Now that we’re going to get that recycling message out to the public via the medium of rap, let’s get it done with  immigrant rappers. The band, Karpe Diem, are made up of Magdi Omar Ytreeide Abdelmaguid, Chirag Rashmikant Patel and DJ Marius Thingvald, who sounds like the Norwegian element.

And once we have a feel good catchy tune delivering the green rap message, let’s get some good old fashioned Norwegian clichés into the mix. So, the country cabin life, some trumpet tooting pseudo Tyroleans, and even a dancing moose get into the act. That’s a lot for half a minute.

The message –  do something itty bitty, for something really big. Recycle those cans and bottles. It may be a fast and cartoony attempt to cover ‘Norway’, but it’s cute and catchy, and says a lot about how many things make up the country today.


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