Hey fool

So what kind of shenanigans did the Norwegian media get up to on the 32nd of March? Newspaper VG had the best overview of April Fools Day stories around the country.

Not sure if any are up to the standard set by the classic report that the state alcohol outlet Vinmonopol had such overstock that they were giving away booze – all you had to do was turn up with something to carry it away in, leading to long and eventually embarrassed queues of eager Norwegians bearing buckets and bathtubs.

This year’s crop:

Sandefjord police have been using software tracing tool ‘Porn Network Monitoring’ to get an overview of the city’s ‘perverts’ – that one from sb.no definitely frightened some people.

Telemarksavisa announced a new integration measure in Skien, as the area was one of four designated to implement bilingual signs to aid their local immigrant community. Street signs were being converted to Norwegian and Somali.

Web news site Nettavisen ran an amusing story about the latest poll showing that all politicial parties had risen in popularity thanks to a increase in public interest, probably due to a rise in immigration.

Lillestrøm’s new pedestrian avenue has to be dug up and reconstructed after builders forgot to lay communication cables under, reported Romerikes Blad. All too believable.

Plumbing company Rørleggersentralen sent out a press release announcing a contract to build bathroom suites on all Norwegian Air Shuttle planes, with shower, toilet and sink. Financial web site dn.no also went the travel route, featuring the new sauna service on Finnair flights.

State broadcaster NRK cleverly made fun of themselves, announcing that there would be no television broadcasting on May 17th, Norway’s Constitution Day, the high point of national pride and parades. The reason – the high cost of hosting the Eurovision Song Contest.


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