Norway’s biggest ‘paranormal’ mystery

Over the past few days I have written about the meteorite hunt that managed to ensnare both crop circle and UFO experts during its development. I also mentioned the excellent work being done to identify all sorts of ‘baffling’ phenomena being done by Clas Svahn, who brings an immense amount of credibility to UFO Sweden, which is not an easy task.

In this brief Sunday night update, I thought I should mention Norway’s most famous and enduring mystery, though this one as well may be on the verge of a fascinating solution, again thanks to the efforts of serious, educated people willing to risk their reputations to examine seriously things many people ridicule on reflex.

The best way to get a briefing on this phenomenon – the Hessdalen lights – is to take a good long look around the web site of Project Hessdalen.  Do visit the site if this sounds the slightest bit interesting, it is full of photos, film and scientific data, links to articles and theories, and has an English version.

I’ve been in regular touch with some of the people involved, thanks to an e-friendship I developed through a story I wrote some years ago while on Aftenposten’s News in English desk.

I was contacted by one Flavio Gori from Italy, who is involved with NASA’s Inspire Project, and you will find Flavio’s name scattered around the Project site, in connection with sustained research done by a variety of Italian scientists interested in the valley’s lights.

Flavio simply got in touch to thank me for writing a small piece about Hessdalen in a sensible way – devoid of the standard little green men commentary –  and we gradually got into a routine of notifying each other about similar stories, and occasionally pestering Clas Svahn for information.

I’ve been promising to translate some of the more interesting Hessdalen stories from the major Norwegian press for Flavio for ages, and this blog entry should increase the pressure there, and this will hopefully be of interest to others who have been intrigued by the recent stories. I will also try to dig up some of the old Norwegian mysteries, including the blackout cat.

Flavio also tells me that the National Geographic Channel has just done a documentary that includes a look at the Hessdalen lights, and I hope to learn more about that soon – though it wouldn’t surprise me if Norway is one of the last countries to see it.

(Thanks to Peder Skogaas from Hessdalen for the YouTube link)


3 responses to “Norway’s biggest ‘paranormal’ mystery

  1. hi jonathan, what a nice surprise to read that news! it helps me back some years indeed! keep in touch!

  2. Hi Jonthan:
    Here is even more. Hessdalen was the only place outside US which was presented on Chanal National Geographic’ s show on Mystery Lights.
    Look at part 4:

    Peder Skogaas

  3. It is important to know about the daylight sightings and have them as a backdrop when you consider observations of the type “lights in the sky”. Internationally Hessdalen is known as “Hessdalen lights.” I want to create a more complete picture of what has been observed, and still is being observed in Hessdalen;

    Still it is done daylight sightings of solid, metallic objects in Hessdalen and the surrounding area. The researchers estimate the percentage of solid objects to be somewhere between 5% (Teodorani) and 15% (Strand). The remaining percentage of observations are “lights in the sky”.

    We do not know if “lights” and solid objects are two very different phenomena, or whether in fact the same phenomenon is observed under different physical stages. One can for example speculate that these objects are surrounded by ionized gas (plasma) as part of the propulsion (?) and that what appears to be lights in the sky, in reality are solid, metallic objects surrounded by ionized air (plasma)?

    In some cases, it seems to be a gradual transition from solid objects, to “plasma lights”. (“…it was surrounded with red smoke”, “…the metal had its own “glow””, “… a slightly reddish, glow above”, “… you could sort of make out a dark mass in the middle” etc.

    Other cases indicate that these are two different things.

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