Catching up

Normal service will resume when I finally kill off my annual nightmare, tax paperwork.  Accounting/bookkeeping and I get along like vampires and garlic, Superman and kryptonite, and similar fictive cliché comparisons. But that doesn’t make the pain and fear any less real. On the up side, the sun has reappeared, which really is big news here. What a relief.

In the meantime, let’s play a little game. This works better if one steals photographs, but being a stickler for intellectual property, we will have to make do with links.

First, take a look at this fine photo from Bergens Tidende, and have a guess at the story headline where it was included. Then have a look at this one, from newspaper Romerikes Blad. They have a similar theme. I’ll insert the answers at the end of the column.

As you can see, it has been quite a winter from a snowfall point of view, and this feature continues to dominate despite the equally clear arrival of sunny skies. The hard winter has pressed our favorite animal, the moose, into plenty of risky adventures in search of food, but the most recent newsworthy appearance by Norway’s ‘King of the Forest’, had a different angle. News agency NTB seems to believe that the mighty moose can be offended by his human neighbors.

A motorist in Nordland County pulled over in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, his powerful need to relieve himself necessitating a stop. While standing on the edge of the road doing his duty, a reportedly incensed moose came by and lashed out with ‘a karate kick’ to the urinator’s face.

I know that NTB can be lax sometimes, but I have to assume that a national news bureau has reliable grounds for reporting both the anger and the martial abilities of the moose in question. Perhaps it was the regional office of national broadcaster NRK that was the source of these details.

In any event, the man had to call for police assistance, when he was taken to an emergency room for treatment for cuts to the face, while officers took care of his car.

Local law officer Terje Hansen told NRK that such an attack was extremely rare, and that the recent spate of moose encounters all featured the animal as the ‘wounded party’.

Quiz answers: The first photo appears in a story titled: ‘A football (soccer) match will be played here in 11 days‘. The picture is taken inside the stadium of Norwegian Premier League Brann of Bergen.

The Norwegian football season has recently been lengthened and starts earlier, due to what seemed to be increasingly mild winters. The odds don’t look good for normal conditions on opening day.

The second story is similar: ‘There will be a hockey match‘ is the answer here. This view is in fact from the roof of the sporting arena. The building was about to be declared unsafe due to the amount of snow weighing down from above, and to save a vital hockey clash a team was dispatched to avert the danger.

Update: This shot is a nice answer to the quiz theme. It is from the March 23 season opener in northern Tromsø last year. The 2010 season is starting even earlier.


One response to “Catching up

  1. Ah ah, that was fun. My boyfriend plays football here in Norway with a group of guys and in winter they only cancel practice if the mercury falls below -10C!!! Which is apparently quite common here – although I personally think it’s utter madness. Heavy snowfall means they have to play on artificial grass instead of real grass (or is it the other way round? I might have got mixed up here), but anyway, whichever surface you play on, with 20cm of snow on top, it’s not going to be an easy one is it? Still doesn’t seem to be a deterrent…

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