Monster cod

There have been few times I have been so tempted to just defy copyright and go steal a photo for inclusion here, because this story, if not useless without pics, is certainly much better with. Because this cod is like something out a Simpsons Springfield nightmare. Please visit this link – and then we can continue.

OK? Take a deep breath, and lets learn more.

I missed this story the first time around – in mid-November that lovely image graced tabloid VG’s pages for the first time. The latest version is because now Norway’s special branch for economic and environmental crimes is now investigating where that monstrosity came from.

According to VG, this autumn and winter there has been a bumper crop, so to speak, of deformed, mutant cod being caught in the Storfjorden region of the northern county of Troms. The Directorate of Fisheries suspects these cod are runaways from a farming facility, which would make this a serious, not to mention terrifying, bit of eco-crime.

So now they are DNA testing the monster fish. The only local cod farm facility belongs to Storfjord Torsk, but they have consistently denied any connection to the mutant. Their board chairman Steinar Eliassen is cited as saying their last fish escape took place during a storm four years ago.

Local fishermen are skeptical, to put it mildly, and they claim they have caught about … 5000 deformed cod in a relatively limited area.

Storfjord Torsk respond by saying that they use double netting and carry out inspections every third week. An escape is impossible, they say, and their fish are the best in the market.

The Directorate of Fisheries notes that the mutant shows many characteristics associated with farmed fish, being rounder and fatter due to being fed, and with a rounder mouth.

“But deformed cod that are clearly wild are also caught, and there are wild cod that are unusually fat because they are drawn to the farming facilities where they can find free food,” Directorate communications chief Olav Lekve told wire service NTB.

It was hard enough getting the kids to eat fish before.


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