For the faithful

When doing the scary food entry last night, I was so shaken by the thought of daily seal oil supplements, that I forgot to include my cod liver oil update. Tran as it is known here, is the Norwegian elixir of life, as you may know if you’ve been following this blog.

The TV advertising for the omnipresent brand of cod liver oil, Møller’s Tran, consists of variations on a simple theme. Some kind of accident occurs due to what appears to be unexpected physical strength, and the perpetrator is asked if they might have taken too much tran.

While the next item is sourced from the Associated Press, it probably got a lot more play here than wherever you happen to be. Because Austrian researchers now believe they may have uncovered a link between tran and schizophrenia, namely that the oil may prevent the symptoms from developing.

According to an article in the latest issue of the Archives of General Psychiatry, 81 patients exhibiting early signs of schizophrenia were divided into two groups. All believed they were given tran, but 40 received placebos. The result: 28 percent of the placebo group went on to develop psychosis; only five percent of the 41 taking tran suffered the same fate.

Research leader Dr. G. Paul Amminger told the AP that the result could help give hope of avoiding the ailment. Here, it could keep the tradition and faith of the daily dose of oil strong.


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