Celebrity update

A quick visit with some of the familiar faces in the Norwegian news; Eurovision Song Contest winner Alexander Rybak, Princess Märtha Louise, and expensive Brazilian footballer Denilson, all of whom have featured in this blog.

Happy fiddler Rybak. (Photo: Ernst Vikne

Belarus born fiddler Alexander Rybak hasn’t been in headlines too much lately, but he did take part in the Nobel Peace Prize concert and associated dinner, which resulted in an extremely cute photo opportunity. You will have to click through here to see it, I don’t steal content, being old-fashioned.

Young Rybak’s winning grin makes his pride at meeting the charismatic US President very clear, but he had a charming confession – “It was just as much fun meeting Will Smith”.

The Brazilian striker Denilson, formerly know as the most expensive soccer player in the world, is indeed interested in playing for a Norwegian club, as rumored. Now the two clubs he had in his sights have been named, Stabæk and Tromsø. Stabæk has established itself as a top Norwegian team in recent years, and won the top division in 2008. The bad news for the Brazilian is that while is agent is waiting to hear from Stabæk, Stabæk is under the impression that they have already told him they aren’t interested.

That means that if the footballer is looking to revive his career from a prolonged nose dive, he needs to convince Tromsø, no matter how painful it may be to make the move from sunny Brazil to frigid northern Norway. But Tromsø is at least interested.

Trainer Per-Mathias Høgmo said that he was looking for leaders with a good attitude when asked about Denilson, though to be honest the nature of his reply did not make it clear that he felt the Brazilian fit the bill. The local press reports that talks are continuing, and Denilson’s agent was hoping for a try-out ‘that would give Tromsø global publicity’.

A revolution of sorts has apparently taken place at the Astarte Academy, where Princess Märtha Louise and her business partner Elisabeth Samnøy have had to postpone the third and final year of course work for students at their ‘angel’ school. According to gossip magazine Se og Hør (See and Hear), 14 of 24 students have pulled out of the three-year course after complaints and conflicts, apparently linked to all the time the two women used working on their book on guardian angels.

Samnøy told the magazine that the third year of studies – ‘hands-on treatment’ – will take place after a delay, and that the postponement is not due to a lack of interest or commitment from aspiring practitioners. Reading what is on offer at the institute is highly recommended.


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