Speak of the devil

No sooner have I mentioned the intention of tackling the hopefully provocative subject of ‘maddening Norway‘ than a perfect example pops up in the media. Much to my surprise and delight, the latest illustration of the theme came over the radio in the form of NRK’s ‘Morgenkåseri’ – a short bit of morning musing by someone who is supposed to deal with a random topic, preferably with insight and wit.

This morning an immigrant, English I believe, but I have not yet tracked down more info about him, filled the slot with part one of his observations about a long life in Norway. His series shows great promise as the first installment deftly blended honest, cutting examples of irritating Norway, with the warmth and humor necessary to do this nicely.

His observations were triggered by learning that a compatriot was returning home after over 30 years, with the well-known nationalistic question ‘What does Norway have that England doesn’t?’ as an explanation. The ensuing thoughts about Norway and particularly Norwegians began (of course) with the topic I mentioned yesterday as a national favorite, rudeness, with the most common example, the national inability to queue in civilized fashion.

I will report on the entire series and add and contrast it with my own archive of irritations. In the meantime, if you understand Norwegian but are nevertheless reading this for some reason, I recommend dipping into NRK’s ‘Morgenkåseri’ archives. The quality of the morning host varies greatly, but it offers a quirky and occasionally wonderful glimpse of uniquely Norwegian moods and views.


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