Recycled news

Evidence that the former Aftenposten News in English service was not completely moose or animal centered came in connection with another bit of zombie traffic.

A former colleague working on the desk of Aftenposten’s web site messaged me recently to say that one of the old stories was generating noticeable traffic again. This story was not about wild beasts, royals or nursing puppies, though it was not the hardest news either. The revived item detailed some rather harsh speculation about Harry Potter author JK Rowling from a Norwegian film director.  

The article examined a feature by Nina Grünfeld where she admitted that she found JK Rowling’s success too good to be true and believed that the successful author was really just a front for a business empire built around a team of writers.

Say Who?

Say 'Who'?

Grünfeld’s conspiracy theory attracted quite a bit of media attention at the time, but didn’t  muster enough gravity to attract the attention of Rowling’s lawyers. JK’s Norwegian translator defended her in rough fashion, saying that the consistent weaknesses in her writing would not have been left behind by a team of hacks. Ouch.

The Norwegian publishers with the Harry Potter rights stuck up for Rowling more conventionally, with a veiled swipe at Grünfeld, explaining the author’s success by noting that “actually some people … are very talented and productive.”

Presumably this story has found a new lease on life thanks to the latest plagiarism lawsuit, this one from beyond the grave, with JKR now being accused of swiping key plot points from an unknown 36-page booklet about a wizard named Willy. From this Reuters report, it doesn’t sound like the Willyites have much of a chance.

Photo courtesy of Herman Brinkman, via Stock.XCHNG


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