Moose in sports

Despite their odd appeal to an international public, most of the time moose here are not up to much – their two most common pastimes appear to be accidentally wandering into towns, and getting hit by cars. This weekend an unfortunate moose managed to find a new twist on the latter.

The site was the Norwegian Rally Car Championship in Aurskog Høland, Akershus County. Veteran driver Morten Østberg and his map-reader,  son Christian, had to drop out of the race after a hefty collision with the ‘King of the Forest’.

Despite the vehicle’s  speed having dropped from 200 kph to 100 kph (124-62 mph) as they navigated a sharp swing in the road, the collision crushed the entire windshield and knocked off the right rear wheel. The moose was gone once the Østberg’s regained their bearings, though there was a considerable amount of fur left behind on the hood of the car. Local wildlife authorities were dispatched to put the animal out of its misery, on the assumption it was mortally wounded.

Asked if he’d ever run into a moose before, rally driver Morten replied: “No – but I’ve hit a dog.”

Aftenposten had an excellent photo of what happened to the front of the car.


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