Not quite the moose

On my regular moose news hunt, I stumbled over a bizarre alternative. According to newspaper Fædrelandsvennen, second graders at Kringsjå School in Kristiansand were astonished to encounter a llama during an outing in the woods. And well they should be.

The meeting with the llama was no fun.

According to the report the llama charged the kids, turning their weekly walk into a nightmare. One little girl told the paper that she was so frightened that she froze in terror while her classmates began to scream.

“First it ate my food. Then it spit on my chest and bit me in the leg. It bites hard,” said young Erik Aasen Eskedal of his run-in with the llama.

Various students received bites, scrapes and bruises as the South American pack animal knocked children over, nipping and kicking.

“Nearly all the girls were crying and we ran back to the school. I nearly lost my lunchbox,” Martine Kyvåg Norland reported.

The owner of the llama, a farmer named Wiggo Olsen, apologized for the scare, but was quite confident that the animal meant no harm, saying the children became frightened when the llama only wanted to cuddle up to them. “When kids are out in my forest they should expect to meet animals – moose or deer. Or this time, a llama,” Olsen said.

Teachers and pupils agreed it was a frightening experience, though in retrospect the adults could see it as an unusual story. The class said that they would never go in the woods again.


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