Still quiet

Despite having been in Mexico and having the Influenza A H1N1, the Trondheim woman’s tests came back negative for Mexican swine flu, leaving Norway still without a case of the feared disease. The woman ‘only’ has a case of regular flu, according to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

The national prognosis, the health authorities say, is for a lasting pandemic with mild symptoms. Based on current knowledge, the vast majority of sufferers will recover on their own – so grounds for panic should diminish.

Sunday headlines were otherwise as expected, with a heavy emphasis on the Norwegian football (soccer) action, and even that was predictable, with the dynastic power Rosenborg (of Trondheim) back at the top of the table, though to be honest they have not been a dominant force in recent years.

Arguably the most disturbing story of the weekend concerned graveyard vandalism in Oslo and Sandefjord. Just under 30 headstones were toppled in Sandefjord according to newspaper Tønsbergs Blad, while Nordstrand Church in Oslo had 30-40 gravestones overturned and ‘Satanistic’ messages as part of damages to the church itself.

Aftenposten‘s web site reported that windows were smashed and unpleasant messages scribbled on the church windows. Photos in the article show both the damage to the graveyard and the church door defaced with ‘Satan lives’  and ‘666’, among other greetings.


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