An ordinary Sunday

Despite being a Sunday, I’ll check in and this time try a real headline sampler, rather than a small assortment of short stories. Not just a strategy for a lazy day, but as mentioned earlier, to pique interest by providing a running menu of what’s happening over here is one possible job for this blog.

It’s also quite an intriguing snapshot of the major news outlets in general, and it might also be fun to see from time to time how they cover the same stories. So, from the top of the online news this afternoon:

“We will be strict – but fair” – VG (Norway’s bestselling daily)
Unafraid of sounding a bit like the Piranha brothers, the Labour Party conference pledges, not to nail heads to the floor, but to double the number of Norwegian classes immigrants must take, part of a tougher stance on integration – and immigration.

“Here the Norwegian couple bought a uterus” – VG
I don’t want to know. Rented I hope.

“Football hooligans in massive brawl in downtown Oslo” – Aftenposten

“We followed the pirates for seven hours” – VG
Norwegian shipping tanker rescued.

“Northern Norway paralyzed by storm and snow chaos” – Aftenposten

“Freshly painted moose in Engerdal” – P4 radio
40 of them in fact. Those moose are always in the news.


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