17 April – a headline sampler

The big news in the region today is without doubt the Pirate Bay verdict in Stockholm.

Here in little Norway the raging feud between the Labour-led majority coalition and business tycoon Kjell Inge Røkke continues to dominate headlines. For insight into this intricate squabble, check out Nina Berglund’s site.

Norway has gotten larger and most likely even richer – the UN’s  Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (CLCS) has ruled that Norway has rights to an additional 235,000 square kilometers of offshore resources.

A staff officer in Norway’s intelligence service in Afghanistan was killed by a roadside bomb on Friday morning, a rare fatality for the country’s military. According to Aftenposten.no the officer was not even part of the current force deployed there, but was replacing a colleague home on leave for a few days.

Princess Märtha Louise was back in the spotlight after an announcement of a series of books to come, cataloguing aspects of her work … with angels. The New Age princess, who runs Astarte Education, a kind of angel academy, will write the series ‘Angel School’ with colleague Elisabeth Samnøy. The working title of volume one is ‘Meet your guardian angel’ according to bestselling newspaper VG. The princess has chosen … an independent career over royal duties.


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