Why ‘All the Moose’?

For roughly nine years I was part of a small team producing Aftenposten’s News in English. When NiE began, Aftenposten, known as Norway’s quality daily newspaper, was the only media outlet in the region with such a service, but when the idea started to spread and catch on, NiE was also one of the first casualties of the combination of credit crunch and income failure that started to hit traditional media in the second half of 2008.

This blog aims to try and restore a bit of my lost routine of regularly  writing something from and about Norway. I have a variety of angles in mind: a round-up of headlines, to (hopefully) re-establish contact with the various media who looked to NiE or me to supply them with reportage on stories that attract wider international interest; an avenue to write about living with the news in Norway; raising topics about the current upheaval caused by the collision of user generated content and traditional news media; and basically rambling about whatever might capture my fancy – since that seems to be what blogs really are for.

Two of the links provided here are interesting successors in spirit to the NiE. Nina Berglund’s site ‘Views and News from Norway’ is a project to extend or renew the service – Nina was the heart and anchor of NiE from start to finish, and fans should look there for a similar concept.

‘Nordic Briefing’ is an attempt to generate a kind of community-based news and information service. Starting from Lahti, it is in its infancy, but has potential – a community of users helping drive content was something I spent years pushing for at Aftenposten, to primarily deaf ears. It will be interesting to see how it grows without a reader/user base from the start.

Readers of the NiE will be familiar with the regular coverage of moose stories from Norway. Besides a steady diet of serious news, items involving animals always generated special interest, and none more than the escapades of the Norwegian moose. Over the years we had drunken moose, agressive moose, sad moose, tragic moose, celebrity moose – All the moose fit to print.


6 responses to “Why ‘All the Moose’?

  1. Hi Jonathan,
    A quick comment to say that Nordic Briefing is based in Lahti which is 100km north-east of Helsinki. 🙂
    Thanks for the plug.
    http://travel.nordicbriefing.com is also up and running and welcomes stories and article-ideas.

  2. Cathy Warwick

    The thought that sprang to mind was ‘News from Nowhere’ – W.Morris. Or, if you like, Moose from Nowhere. I Googled to check whether this thought-response is reasonably apt. I do believe it is.

    Cheers, Cathy

    PS congratulations on beginning blogging. You have, unlike me, clearly spent many years as a hard working journalist. But don’t despair. People with IQs above 145 need not be slaves to conditioning. At least that’s what Grandmaster Levitt wrote someplace.

    • Jonathan Tisdall

      They sound apt indeed, and Moose from Nowhere could be where this goes.

      Thanks for the bits I understand, and for what sounds like a vote of confidence in either my IQ or my independence.

  3. I’m enjoying your blog notes and tweets very much. Please keep up the good work.

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